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A photo still from Nimona. It shows Ballister and Nimona, standing side by side, talking to each other.

Daily Helping for August 4th, 2023 – Nimona

It’s Friday night once more, and once again I’m going to scream about a film that I love. To that end, if you haven’t seen Nimona, I highly recommend that you hightail it over to Netflix and watch this incredible film. It’s a fantasy action adventure comedy that takes place in a world with all of today’s modern technology, but also a monarchy and knights who are sworn to protect it. Nimona is both medieval and futuristic. And I love it.

It opens with the story of Ballister Boldheart, a commoner who is about to become the first of his class to become a knight. This (seemingly) puts him at odds with the aristocratic golden boy, Ambrosius Goldenloin, and for a brief second it looks like Nimona is going to hit every cliche it can. But it doesn’t. Because it promptly tips everything upside down by revealing that Ballister and Ambrosius are a couple. Which is unfortunate, because moments later Ballister is framed for the murder of the queen, Ambrosius (accidentally?) cuts off his boyfriend’s arm in the chaos, and Ballister has to go on the run.

This is where the titular Nimona comes in. She’s a shapeshifting teenager who sees a fellow “villain” in Ballister, and immediately hires herself as his sidekick. The two then set about trying to clear Ballister’s name, often with disastrous results. But watching these two bicker their way through this film along the way was truly a delight. I think I have found my new favourite odd couple.

Nimona is an animated film, and therefore it would be easy to write it off as “just for kids”. But I honestly can’t remember the last time I watched a film that was this intelligent in what it was trying to say. This is a movie that touches on a lot of big issues, and it does so in a wonderfully subtle, moving, and entertaining way. I especially loved watching the relationship of Ballister and Ambrosius develop, as it was one of the more wonderfully complex and layered depictions I’ve seen onscreen of a couple. Not just a queer couple. Any couple. Period. Watching the two of them trying to balance their feelings for each other, all while being caught up in a national conspiracy, was fascinating to watch. I’d love to see more of their story if sequels are ever produced for this film.

All in all, Nimona is incredible and everyone should watch it. Happy Friday all!

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