What is The Daily Hart?


The Daily Hart is a self-imposed challenge to enjoy a piece of art every day for a year. In other words, it’s a daily helping of art.

Every day, I will watch/read/view/explore a new piece of art, and then I will write about that experience here. This not a review site, as I’m not interested in adding anymore negativity into the world. Instead, I want to focus on the joy of experiencing art, especially the discovery of new artists and voices. That being said, I do tend to shout about the things I love, so I expect there will likely be a fair amount of that as the year goes on.

The rules are simple(ish):

  1. One piece of art per day. No stocking up by viewing a week’s worth in one day. If I happen to experience multiple artworks in a day, I’ll write about my favourite.
  2. All artists must be new to me. It’s okay if I’ve already heard of them, but to qualify for the challenge, it must be my first time experiencing their art. I want to use the Daily Hart as an opportunity to discover new voices and talents.
  3. No repetitions. Once I’ve written about an artist, I can’t experience one of their other works for this challenge. The goal is to experience 365 new voices.
  4. Repetitions are allowed within a production company/distributor, so long as the artists/creators are new to me. For example, I’m allowed to listen to multiple musicians from the same record label.
  5. Every day, I must consume a complete work of art. This means I can’t just read a book for five minutes and call it a day. For it to count, I have to finish the work of art. I have to read the whole book, watch the whole movie, and listen to the whole song. For serialized artworks, such as television shows and podcasts, I have to complete one full episode.
  6. No artwork by straight, white, men. No disrespect to all of the brilliant, straight, white, male creators out there, but I’ve been consuming your stories my whole life. I want to experience something new.

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Thank you for joining me on this journey! I hope this inspires you to seek out more art in your life, and to support all of the incredible artists and creators in this world.

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