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A photo still from My Beautiful Man. It shows Hira and Kiyoi asleep side by side, facing each other, one with his arm over the other.

Daily Helping for March 1st, 2023 – My Beautiful Man

Once again today’s daily helping is about a Japanese TV show that is short on episodes, but somehow manages to pack in a lot of plot. K-dramas may be able to create fully realized characters in just one scene, but J-dramas apparently can pack several seasons worth of drama into 5-6 episodes. Or at least, My Beautiful Man did.

The show opens in high school, where Hira is trying to stay under the radar. He’s a loner with a stutter, and just wants to be invisible. Unfortunately, he catches the eye of popular Kiyoi, and sparks soon fly. Kiyoi is trying to become an idol-like celebrity, and there’s a whole subplot about the fickleness of high school popularity when these plans go awry.

The show then jumps forward a couple of years. Hira is in university and Kiyoi is just barely making it as a working actor when they reconnect. Sparks once again fly. We back up to see the high school story from Kiyoi’s POV, which radically reframes their relationship. And amongst all of this, the show also manages to include a love triangle plot line. Did I mention that this show is only six episodes of 25 minutes each? Yes, really.

It’s a lot in a short period of time, but I loved it. Hira and Kiyoi have some fascinating dynamics, and Koyama as the aforementioned third wheel of the love triangle is adorable. The second season of My Beautiful Man just started, and I can’t wait to spend more time with these characters.

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