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A promotional still from Racket Boys. It shows the young cast looking straight into the camera, as if taking a selfie, all smiling and holding up peace signs.

Daily Helping for February 14th, 2023 – Racket Boys

I’m beginning to think that Korean screenwriters have made some sort of a pact with the devil. Or whatever the Korean version of the devil is. Because I truly do not know how they continue to create fully realized characters that make me cry in just one scene.

Take, for example, today’s daily helping, the absolutely delightful Racket Boys. It’s a sports K-drama about a high school badminton team that somehow made me care far too much about badminton. It’s filled with a colourful cast of misfits and underdogs, as well as the cutest five year old on the planet. And in just one episode, this show has made me care deeply about each and every one of them. What is this magic?!

In particular, there was a scene in the first episode of Racket Boys with one of the teenaged leads and his elderly neighbour, in which he teaches her how to FaceTime with her grandchild. It’s a relatively simple scene, but in just a few short exchanges of dialogue, the writers are somehow able to convey an entire history of both characters, not to mention an entire ocean of emotions. It was extraordinary. And it absolutely made me cry.

So yeah. I don’t know how these writers do it, but I’m so glad that they do. Even more so, I’m grateful that I get to spend the next 15 episodes with these characters, because I love them all dearly. Already. I swear this is magic.

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