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An illustrated image from Inca mythology. The image shows the goddess Mama Cocha standing in water with birds overhead and mountains in the distance.

October – Week 4 – Inca Mythology

I can’t believe we’re here. The final entry of The Daily Hart Year II Challenge. 12 months. 12 topics. 51 weeks of posts. Yes, that’s one week less than a full year, but I took a week off while on vacation for my birthday, so here we are. The final week of the final topic. One last week of my deep dive into Inca mythology. And this week certainly was a random grab bag of learnings.

However, what’s been most interesting about this month as a whole was how little I learned about what I thought I was going to learn about. I chose this topic as a result of a museum visit to see an exhibition on the treasures of Peru. And throughout this whole exhibition, various stories from Inca mythology were referred to, referenced, and quoted. And because I’m me, my immediate thought was, “I want to learn more about this!” Mental exclamation point absolutely included.

My point is that when I chose this topic, I envisioned a month of reading the various myths and legends of Inca mythology. However, as it turns out, actually finding those stories was tougher than I anticipated. Probably because so few of them were ever written down. Instead, I spent most of my time reading about the various Incan Gods and the religious practices of the Incas. Which was fascinating, don’t get me wrong. It just wasn’t quite what I had been expecting. So of course I had to discover the existence of this book two days before this challenge was set to end. Meaning I didn’t have enough time to order it, much less read it. But I will absolutely be doing both. I just won’t be writing about it when I do.

All this being said, it is with mixed emotions that I’m seeing this challenge come to an end. I wish I had been able to do a deeper dive on this final topic. But I also know that I’ll continue to read about this subject and the various stories that go with it. Just because the month is over, that doesn’t mean I will stop learning.

So where does The Daily Hart go from here? Well, stayed tuned for my year in review summary of The Daily Hart Year II. It’s coming out tomorrow, and I have some exciting news to go along with it.

Happy Sunday all!

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