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Daily Helping for January 8th, 2021 – I Am Not An Easy Man

A promotional photo of lead actor Vincent Elbaz from the film I Am Not An Easy Man.

So that was a week. I knew that going back to work after the holidays was going to be rough, but I never expected the first week of 2021 to play out quite the way it did. Whether you’re in the US or not, this week was pretty surreal, so perhaps it’s fitting that today’s helping is along those lines. I Am Not An Easy Man is a French Netflix film from 2018. Its premise is simple. A horribly chauvinistic and sexist man walks into a pole one day, gets knocked out, and when he comes to, he awakens in a world where the gender roles have been reversed. Women hold all the power and men get objectified.

It’s a fascinating premise with a lot of potential, but let’s just say that this film isn’t exactly the most subtle or nuanced take on it. It boils a lot of complex issues down to overly basic points, and the comedy is more broad than character based. But it’s also Friday night. And sometimes, at the end of a week that doesn’t seem real, you just need a silly comedy set in an alternate reality. For that, I Am Not An Easy Man does the job quite nicely.

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