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Daily Helping for November 11th, 2020 – Billie Eilish – Ocean Eyes

A photo still of Billie Eilish looking straight into the camera from the video for Ocean Eyes.

Once again I find myself in the position of having to reveal just how not with the times I am when it comes to music. I’ve been hearing about Billie Eilish for years, but it wasn’t until this song popped up on my dash that it occurred to me that I had never actually listened to one of her songs. So I decided to rectify that. I didn’t know until afterwards that this was the first song Eilish had released. In fact, it was the song that led to her getting a record deal, thereby launching her career.

Now, I’m no record producer or fancy music executive, but I will say that I was a bit surprised to learn that “Ocean Eyes” was the song that first caught people’s attention. It’s a beautiful song, no doubt there. Hauntingly melodic with a soaring chorus. Eilish’s voice has a wonderful range, and the video is almost hypnotic. I loved it, but I’m almost 100% certain that had I randomly come across it back in 2015, my first thought would not have been, “Future Superstar!” But someone did, and now I’m happily making my way through the rest of Billie Eilish’s discography. So kudos to whoever that person was. You clearly knew what you were doing.

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