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Daily Helping for July 26th, 2021 – Where Your Eyes Linger

A photo still from Where Your Eyes Linger. Lead actors Han Gi-chan and Jang Eui-soo are wearing school uniforms, walking side by side, smiling widely with one having his arm around the other's neck.

I can’t think of the last time I so wildly misinterpreted a television show. Where Your Eyes Linger is a Korean web series about two teenage boys who are in a master-servant relationship, and up until the last episode, I 100% thought that they were actually in a BDSM-style relationship. Which I thought was particularly progressive given how conservative Korea can be in their entertainment landscape. I mean, there’s whole blogs dedicated to the most awkward kisses in Kdramas, and suddenly they’re putting out a story about a same-sex dom/sub relationship?

No, would be the answer to that question. They have not. I had just been somehow completely reading this show all wrong. One boy is literally the servant of the other, hired to act as his bodyguard. And in true Kdrama form, they share exactly one, extremely chaste (and awkward) kiss. Where Your Eyes Linger was still adorable though. Even if I thought I was watching a different show for about 90% of it.

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