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A promotional photo from What's Love Got To Do With It? I depicts lead actors Shazad Latif and Lily James, sitting side by side on a bench, smiling at each other.

Daily Helping for April 3rd, 2023 – What’s Love Got To Do With It?

If you’re looking for a daily helping about Tina Turner, I have bad news for you. What’s Love Got To Do With It? is not about the iconic 80s song. Nor is it the classic 90s biopic of Turner’s life starring Angela Bassett. Side note. If you haven’t listened to/watched either of those, you really should. Tina Turner is amazing.

No, today’s daily helping is the recently released romcom about two childhood friends who grew up next door to each other. One, Kaz, is from a Pakistani-British family, while the other, Zoe, has Emma Thompson for a mother. When Kaz announces that he’s going to let his family arrange a marriage for him (assisted marriages, as they’re now called), Zoe decides to turn his journey into a documentary. Of course, it’s painfully obvious to anyone with eyes that these two actually love each other and have for years. But this is a romcom, so of course they have to navigate many obstacles on the road to romantic bliss.

I wouldn’t say that What’s Love Got To Do With it? is the best romcom out there. But it has some fascinating things to say about different cultures’ approaches to love and relationships. And Shazad Latif and Lily James as Kaz and Zoe are truly adorable together, so I had a great time watching them find their way to each other. Even if they hit all the usual romcom beats along the way.

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