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Daily Helping for March 6th, 2021 – Space Sweepers

A promotional photo of the four main characters of the film Space Sweepers staring straight into the camera holding various weapons.

As I said on Wednesday, this week was a long week. To be clear, nothing particularly bad happened. It was just a long week of never-ending to do lists. Which meant that by the time it got to Friday night, I was exhausted, and I needed something entertaining to watch that wouldn’t make me think too hard. Enter Space Sweepers from Netflix.

This film is a big budget blockbuster sci-fi action film about, you guessed it, space sweepers. In the context of this film, this means an international group of crews who go around collecting space debris to sell for scrap in the year 2092. The main characters are from the Korean ship Victory, who immediately become entangled in a massive conspiracy involving corrupt governments, the rich screwing over the poor, and end of the world final stakes. Because of course they do. The plot also revolves around one of the most adorable child actors I’ve ever seen, and ends with a deus ex machina that is ridiculous but also made me happy.

So yeah. That was my Friday night, and it was glorious. The action scenes had plenty of boom, the plot more or less made sense, and I didn’t have to think too hard. It was perfect.

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