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Daily Helping for February 24th, 2021 – Shingo Tamagawa – Puparia

An image from the animated short film Puparia by Shingo Tamagawa of a blue skinned, white haired being looking into the camera.

Today’s helping came to me through a recommendation, and to be honest, even after watching this film several times, I’m still not entirely sure what’s going on in terms of the narrative. But I also don’t think that’s the point of Puparia. It’s not meant to be a traditionally narrative film. Instead, it’s mediative and abstract, and the animation is simply stunning. Puparia is less than three minutes long, and yet it somehow feels like a feature film in terms of the visuals and world building that it accomplishes. I don’t know if this is meant to be a stand-alone film or a preview of something larger, but I really hope it’s the later. I would love to spend more time in this world. In the meantime, I’ll keep re-watching what we have.

Suggestions for artists I should check out? Please contact me with your ideas. I hope you enjoyed your daily helping of art!