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Daily Helping for June 18th, 2021 – Sassy Gay Friend – Brian Gallivan

A photo from the web series Sassy Gay Friend. The photo is of comedian Brian Gallivan looking directly into the camera, smirking as he tosses his scarf over his shoulder.

It is extraordinary to me how quickly things change online. Today’s helping came to me through a rec, and I will admit that the video series Sassy Gay Friend had me laughing on multiple occasions. Romeo and Juliet is very on point. Hamlet basically sums up all of my thoughts about that particular play. And Eve made howl with laughter when Adam put in an appearance near the end.

And yet, despite the laughter, I couldn’t help but marvel at how dated these videos felt. Which is weird, because they’re basically TikTok videos years before there was such a thing as TikTok. But there’s something about the way they’re filmed and the quality of the video that is very 2010. Which isn’t all that long ago, but apparently might as well be another lifetime when it comes to videos online.

Or maybe it’s just that we’re finally moving away from the stereotype of the sassy gay friend. Either way, I enjoyed these videos for what they are, but what they are is very much a product of their time.

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