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A photo of a man dressed in samurai robes. He is standing in a plaza, holding up one arm and looking right in the camera. The Kumamoto Castle is in the background.

Daily Helping for July 4th, 2023 – Samurai Dance

I recently found myself in Kumamoto, and when you’re in Kumamoto, you visit the Kumamoto Castle. It’s a pretty spectacular castle; one that was recently restored after it sustained significant damage during the 2016 earthquake in that region. Today, all six floors of the main castle tower contain a wonderful museum that outlines the history of the building and the surrounding area. Needless to say, I spent hours inside of the Kumamoto Castle. And upon exiting, I discovered that my visit was about to get even better, because a samurai demonstration was just beginning.

Now, something may have gotten lost in translation here, because what followed wasn’t so much a demonstration as it was a dance with swords. Or maybe that was in fact the samurai demonstration. I’ve never met a samurai, so maybe they all did go around dancing with their swords. Regardless, I loved the performance. So much so that I completely forgot to take a picture while it was happening. Thankfully, the performers were more than happy to pose for photos after their dance was done. Or demonstration. Either way, it was another amazing experience at a Japanese castle.

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