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Daily Helping for May 22nd, 2021 – Poms

A promotional photo of the cast of Moms, wearing their cheerleading outfits, mid-cheer with pom poms in the air.

Last night I was in the mood for a lighthearted comedy, and so Netflix sent me Poms. In other words, exactly what I wanted. These algorithms are getting scarily accurate, but I digress.

Poms is a film about a group of senior women who decide to enter a cheerleading competition, and if you’re looking for something deeper, you’re going to be disappointed. Yes, the film does try and touch on a lot of heavy topics, including mortality, life regrets, and elder abuse. But it never really digs in too far deep on any of these. Instead, this film is all about watching a group of women attempt to do something that society tells them they shouldn’t solely because of their age. Unfortunately, films rarely tell the stories of women this age, but they should. Poms is proof enough that there’s plenty of material there.

I should also note that the cast is stellar. Diane Keaton, as always, is great, but Jacki Weaver steals every scene she’s in and Pam Grier is hilarious. Phyllis Somerville is also heartbreakingly adorable as the mother of a domineering son who gets his comeuppance by the end.

All in all, Poms was a delightful way to spend a Friday night after a long week.

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