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An image of a painting by Pen Cayetano. It depicts three people sitting outside in a line playing music. The man on the right is playing a drum that is placed in front of him, and all three are singing.

Daily Helping for June 16th, 2023 – Pen Cayetano

It’s Friday! But breaking from tradition, today is not another Kpop Friday. Instead, today’s daily helping is an incredible artist and musician from Belize: Pen Cayetano. Pen Cayetano, as I now know, is one of that country’s most prolific artists. His artworks has been showcased all over the world, and along with his Turtle Shell Band, he invented the genre of punta rock in music.

Full disclosure. I was originally going to feature a punta rock song for today’s daily helping, but then I happened upon the image above. There is something so joyful and vibrant about this piece. It’s like the music is just radiating out of it. In other words, the perfect piece to feature as we head into the weekend.

Happy Friday all!

Suggestions for artists I should check out? Please contact me with your ideas. I hope you enjoyed your daily helping of art!