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A photo of Maia Mayor onstage in front of a microphone, arms out to her sides, mid-performance.

Daily Helping for August 10th, 2023 – Maia Mayor – I Want To Be

“I want to be well read.”

Well, this poem had me at hello. Because yes, I want to be well read. I want to read every book and know every author and their stories. It’s the main reason why I currently have four massive stacks of books right beside my bed, just waiting to be read. I want to read everything, and so I buy everything, but then I never have enough time to read everything.

But Maia Mayor goes deeper. She expresses so eloquently what I’ve wrestled with for decades. The desire to know everything and be everything. Because I genuinely want to know everything. Not to show off or prove how smart I am to others. I just want to know everything because I don’t like not understanding things. And it genuinely stresses me out every time I think about how much I will never know because there simply isn’t enough time in a human life to learn everything.

So thank you Maia Mayor for putting into words what I’ve thought so many times before. I want to be everything. I can’t be. But that will not stop me from trying.

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