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Daily Helping for January 30th, 2021 – Madeline Sharafian – Burrow

A photo still from the animated short Burrow, of the main character, a rabbit, holding a shovel.

Today’s helping is an absolute delight for a Saturday afternoon. The Pixar SparkShorts program is at it again, and this time the result is an incredibly adorable film about a rabbit who just wants to build herself a home. That’s the plot in a nutshell, but this wouldn’t be a Pixar film without layers upon layers of deeper meaning. Burrow doesn’t disappoint in that department, as there are layers aplenty, both figuratively and literally, because as the film goes on, our protagonist manages to dig herself deeper and deeper into the bedrock instead of acknowledging her inexperience and asking for help.

At a time when we are all so isolated, it’s refreshing to watch a film that so openly celebrates the power of communities coming together. Because of course all the other creatures come to her aid, and in the end, she is able to carve out a lovely home for herself, happily nestled among her neighbours. But I also love the point the film makes about how one individual’s hubris can have massive consequences for everyone around them. It emphasizes how we are all in this together.

I remember reading somewhere that filmmakers in the SparkShorts program have six months to complete their films. If this is true, Sharafian started Burrow during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and civil unrest last year. In my opinion, that just makes the film’s themes of community and shared responsibility all the more poignant. It’s also a lot to pack into a five minute film about a rabbit, but at this point, I’d expect nothing less from Pixar.

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