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Daily Helping for December 29th, 2020 – Madame Suzelle Poole

A photo of Madame Suzelle Poole in costume, on stage during a performance.

Yes, I am 100% guilty of falling for the clickbait title of this video, but I don’t care. It was wonderful. The world’s oldest ballerina performing a flawless routine, and it was indeed flawless. Madame Suzelle Poole has been dancing for over seven decades, and just last year, she performed at a TEDx event at the age of 79. That’s right. At 79, she was still performing and sharing her love of ballet. I’d like to think that were it not for the pandemic, Madame Suzelle Poole would be performing today at the age of 80.

As we head into the final days of 2020, I find myself looking for artworks that aren’t just beautiful or impressive. I want something inspiring as well. And I can’t think of anything more inspiring than this elegant and beautiful woman. I’m still amazed at the fact that she stays en pointe for nearly three minutes in the first video. Most dancers in their prime don’t even do that. But what I loved the most was the passion that she clearly still has for dance. It’s present in every movement she makes, and it’s beautiful to witness. I can only hope that I will still love things that passionately when I’m that age.

Suggestions for artists I should check out? Please contact me with your ideas. I hope you enjoyed your daily helping of art!