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A photo still from Loot. Maya Rudolph, Joel Kim Booster, and Ron Funches are standing in a line in character, looking just off camera at an unseen character.

Daily Helping for October 12th, 2023 – Loot

I can’t think of another show with a cast that I uniformly love as much as I love the cast of Loot. Maya Rudolph. Joel Kim Booster. Michaela JaĆ© Rodriguez. Ron Funches. Nat Faxon. It doesn’t get much better than that. Thankfully, Loot is more than worthy of this incredible cast. It tells the story of a recently divorced billionaire who decides to get more involved with the philanthropic foundation that bears her name. I don’t know if Maya Rudolph’s character is specifically based on MacKenzie Scott, but the parallels are certainly there. Right down to the asshole ex-husband whose company logo looks like a dick.

But back to Loot. This show is hilarious, filled with wonderful characters and performances, and it is sharply on point with its social commentary. I burned through the first season in a matter of days, and now I’m very impatiently waiting for season two. Absolutely love this show.

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