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Daily Helping for March 1st, 2021 – Krisztina Vellai – Aerial Silks

A photo of performer Krisztina Vellai, mid-performance, upside down in red silks.

It’s March. How is it possible that it’s March already? How is 2021 already 1/6th over? For whatever reason, that fact hit me in a rather dramatic fashion this morning, which made this video all the more perfect. Aerial silks are always on the dramatic side. The performers are literally hanging in the air, held up only by silks. But this performance by Krisztina Vellai is especially dramatic. From the music, to the flaming red silks, to the continuously circling camerawork, everything is gloriously over the top. And I love it. Even when Vellai makes me gasp out loud, I’m loving every second of this.

Side note. I know that the big fall at the end is supposed to be the big climatic finish, but personally, I found the drop at 1:20 way more awe-inspiring. And final note. I will never stop being impressed by the way these artists can just haul themselves straight up the silks at the top of every performance. The strength required to do so is simply breathtaking.

Suggestions for artists I should check out? Please contact me with your ideas. I hope you enjoyed your daily helping of art!