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Daily Helping for April 20th, 2021 – Kodō – Taiko Drums

A photo of Kodō, onstage mid-performance. There are seven drummers standing in a line facing the audience, and three drummers sitting on the floor with their backs to the audience.

I’ll be honest. I am 100% relying on Google Translate to understand this video. With a dash of Wikipedia to help fill in the gaps. But what I can gather is that Kodō is the name of the performance troupe, and they are performing a style of drumming called taiko. They are based in Japan, but tour throughout the world, and the name Kodō means either “heartbeat” or “children of the drum”. Either way, I’d say it’s an incredibly appropriate name for these drummers.

If I’m reading the (translated) notes below this video correctly, this performance is from Kodō’s 2018-2019 tour of Japan. Which if true, intrigues me. This is clearly a professionally shot video and not an archive recording. So I’m curious if this was recorded as a promotional video for their tour, or if this was done later. However, whatever the reason, I’m just so happy this video exists. The strength, energy, and passion that is on display is incredible. I can only imagine what it must be like to experience Kodō live. Hopefully I will get a chance in the near future.

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