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Daily Helping for December 9th, 2022 - KNK - Knock - The Daily Hart
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A group photo of the five members of KNK posing in front of a chain link fence and looking straight into the camera.

Daily Helping for December 9th, 2022 – KNK – Knock

It was really only a matter of time before I reverted back to the days of The Daily Hart Year I and my Kpop Fridays. Today’s group is called KNK, and today’s song is their debut single “Knock” from 2016. Apparently there’s only three members left now, and one of them is currently in the military, so I don’t know what that means for this group’s future prospects. But I still mightily enjoyed this song. It sneaks up on you, but it’s ultimately catchy as hell.

Happy Friday all!

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