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Daily Helping for October 19th, 2020 – Kaleidotrope

An illustrated title card for the Kaleidotrope podcast.

I love podcasts. It’s a subscribed-to-far-too-many level of love, but I don’t care. I listen to them every every chance I get. As a result, I’ve laughed out loud on more than one occasion while listening on the metro, and it’s always awkward for all involved. I listen to all kinds of shows, but one of my personal favourites is radio dramas. That’s right. Podcasts are so much more than true crime and comedians interviewing other comedians. Fans of Welcome to Night Vale have known this for years, but I’m often surprised at how many people don’t know that this treasure trove of entertainment exists. So now you know. And for today’s daily helping, I listened to the first episode of Kaleidotrope, by Aja and EarlGreyTea68.

The premise is simple. Drew is a student DJ at Sidlesmith College who really, really wants to be left alone to do his music show. But those plans go out the window when he’s given a new co-host in the form of Harrison, an endlessly cheerful fellow student who just wants everyone to find their happy ending. In the span of half an hour, Harrison manages to transform Drew’s music show into a text-in advice show, rechristens their listeners as “hearers”, and drags them both into an extended debate about Gossip Girl. Remember when I said I’m often caught laughing out loud on the metro while listening to podcasts? Kaleidotrope is a prime example. Drew’s increasing frustration with his new co-host is hilarious, as is Harrison’s relentless romanticism in the face of Drew’s cynicism.

I’m pretty confident that love will win out in the end for these two, but who knows? Kaleidotrope exists in a world of magic and romance tropes, so anything could happen. What I do know is that I will be listening to find out. Awkward moments on the metro be damned.

Suggestions for artists I should check out? Please contact me with your ideas. I hope you enjoyed your daily helping of art!