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A photo of Jennifer N. She is standing onstage in front of a microphone, mid-performance.

Daily Helping for May 7th, 2023 – Jennifer N – Steps on How to Love Me Correctly

“Hold me because anxiety doesn’t always tell me why she’s visiting.”

What a beautifully profound statement. In just one sentence, Jennifer N manages to convey so many emotions. All of the heartbreak and hope that comes with opening yourself up to a new relationship. How being vulnerable can be both terrifying and empowering. “Steps on How to Love Me Correctly” is a beautiful anthem for truly knowing yourself; both what makes you beautiful and what may weigh you down at times. I love the quiet power behind the delivery of the lines, and I especially love how Jennifer N simply repeats the words when necessary to make sure that they are heard. I really hope she has found someone to love her correctly.

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