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Daily Helping for June 2nd, 2021 – Javon Johnson – A Letter to My Unborn Daughter

A photo of Javon Johnson, mid-performance, onstage, speaking into a microphone.

Holy wow. This poem was a ride. It started off so heartwarming. The passion that Javon Johnson has for his unborn daughter is electrifying. He’s so over the top in love, it’s beautiful to watch.

And then in the middle he veers off course. Goes too far. When he starts to slut shame his daughter who isn’t even here yet, I nearly stopped watching. I have no interest in watching men perpetuate that damaging narrative.

But I didn’t. I kept watching. And boy oh boy was I rewarded, because Javon Johnson turns it around in the best way possible. He realizes what he’s done, apologizes to his unborn daughter, and ends the poem with the most defiantly empowering message I’ve seen in ages. He gives her all her agency back and vows to support her no matter what. It’s incredible to watch. And all this happens in less than four minutes.

So yeah. That was one hell of a ride. And it was glorious.

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