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A black and white photo from the art installation NSFW: A Chairman's Tale by Jannus Samma. It shows two men, one young one older, standing stiffly side by side in front of an office desk.

Daily Helping for October 30th, 2023 – Jaanus Samma – Not Suitable For Work. A Chairman’s Tale

The Internet is a wonderful thing because it can help you discover artists from all over the world. Especially those you would never otherwise be able to see or experience their art in person. Since starting the Daily Hart three years ago, I’ve discovered artists from all over the world. And while I always wish I could experience art in person, sometimes it’s just not possible to go to Turkmenistan for a pop concert. Which is why I’m continually grateful that the Internet allows me to discover and experience art from around the world online.

That being said, sometimes even the Internet has its limitations, and today is the perfect example of that. Today’s daily helping is Not Suitable For Work. A Chairman’s Tale by Jannus Samma, and I dearly wish I could have seen this artwork in person. It is a multimedia piece exploring the queer history of Estonia during Soviet rule, and it sounds absolutely fascinating. It tells the fictitious story of a Chairman who loses his social standing after being implicated in homosexual acts, and it is told through videos, objects, and archival materials. In other words, something best seen in a museum or gallery, and not online.

I’m definitely grateful that Jannus Samma has preserved a record of this piece on his website. But I also dearly wish I could see this installation in full in person. Hopefully one day I can.

Suggestions for artists I should check out? Please contact me with your ideas. I hope you enjoyed your daily helping of art!