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A photo still from Inner Workings. The image is of the main character, Paul, in an office, surrounded by rows of coworkers sitting in front of computers at their desks. Paul is looking straight into the camera.

Daily Helping for April 28th, 2023 – Inner Workings

The conflict between the brain and the heart is a philosophical question as old as time. How do we reconcile the wants and needs of two opposing forces? How do we even describe this tug of war that exists within all of us? Many have tried, including countless artists, writers, and storytellers. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen this question tackled quite so effusively (and literally) as in the animated film Inner Workings.

This film is only six minutes long, and yet it manages to offer some extraordinarily poignant commentary on so many important issues, including capitalism and a work-life balance, as well as offer a profound meditation on mortality. All gleefully wrapped up in a story about a man who is quite literally governed by his inner organs. His brain is determined to get him to work on time. And alive. His heart, on the other hand, is determined to enjoy life. The result is a beautiful story that reminds us all that work isn’t everything, and that life works best when our hearts and minds work in tandem together. We can’t be ruled by one or the other.

Inner Workings is the work of first time director Leo Matsuda, and if this is the quality of film I can expect from him, sign me up for every film he ever makes going forward. What a fantastic way to start the weekend.

Happy Friday all!

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