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A promotional photo of the cast of I Will Be Your Bloom. It shows the eight lead actors posing together for the camera.

Daily Helping for March 3rd, 2023 – I Will Be Your Bloom

It’s Friday! Which means it’s time for something fun and light and not at all heavy and thought-provoking. Enter I Will Be Your Bloom, one of the most adorable TV shows I’ve seen in a long time. I Will Be Your Bloom tells the story of Asuka, an ex-teacher who becomes the dorm mother for a failing boyband called 8loom. 8loom has no hits, and they are on the verge of being fired by their agency. But Asuka makes it her mission to inspire them to turn things around. Cue a lot of singing and dancing, adorable moments between the boyband members, and SO MUCH ANGST. Seriously. I lost count of the sheer number of tearstained speeches this show had. But I loved every single one of them.

Honestly, I loved this show in general. The actors are all adorable, the women characters are surprisingly deep, and the show is refreshingly matter of fact when it comes to its queer representation. And yes, the songs are ridiculously catchy. All in all, it’s the perfect show for a Friday night.

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