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Daily Helping for April 17th, 2021 – Henry Wong

An artwork by artist Henry Wong. The image is of a river cutting through a mountain, with beams of sunshine pouring in through the canyon.

I feel like I need to reiterate the fact that I know nothing about how to create visual art. I’m the person who has a hard time drawing stick people, so when it comes to visual art, I struggle to articulate why I like one artwork and not another. I can’t say that I admire one style over another, and I certainly can’t tell the difference between technical elements or artistic techniques. I just look at an artwork and I either like it or I don’t. And I don’t have anything particularly intelligent to say to back up my opinion. Just… I like it or I don’t.

As a result, you may have noticed that I haven’t featured a lot of visual art as daily helpings these past couple of months. Most of what I have featured has been art I’ve seen in person, either at galleries or in museums, because at least then I could write about the experience of discovering them. But I’ve been getting a lot of recommendations for artists who can be found online, and I finally decided to just get over myself and dive right in. So here we are. I present to you today’s artist – Henry Wong.

I really, really wish I had something intelligent to say about this artist’s body of work. But as stated above, I don’t. I just love his work so much. I’m not even entirely sure how his images are created, whether they’re hand drawn, digital, or some combination of both. And I don’t particularly care. I just love the feelings these images invoke within me when I take them in. The beauty of them. The distinct style that walks the line between reality and fantasy.

So there you have it. I don’t have anything intelligent-sounding to say about why I love the work of Henry Wong. I just love it. And I’m going to try and stop letting these hangups prevent me from discovering more incredible artists going forward. Please hold me to this.

Suggestions for artists I should check out? Please contact me with your ideas. I hope you enjoyed your daily helping of art!