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A photo of Glori B performing onstage. She is speaking directly into a microphone, and there is an ASL translator standing behind her.

Daily Helping for May 23rd, 2023 – Glori B – Tenderness

Glori B begins this piece by stating that she does not write erotic poetry. And yet, what follows is one of the sexiest poems I’ve ever heard. Which might seem like a strange thing to say given what “Tenderness” is about. It’s about two survivors reclaiming the joy in their bodies and the ability to take pleasure in sexual intimacy. A subject that is presented as a triumph, but can also be filled with so much heartbreak and pain for so many people. And yet, it is sexy, because consent is sexy. In my opinion, there is nothing more sexy than enthusiastic consent. The knowledge that you are actively choosing your partners and they you.

I will never understand how the media continues to get it so wrong when it comes to consent, because at the end of the day it should be simple. As Glori B wonderfully notes, consent should not be talked about only in terms of things we have to survive. It is a beautiful thing, worthy of reverence all on its own.

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