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A close up photo of the cover of A Marvellous Light by Freya Marske.

Daily Helping for January 29th, 2023 – Freya Marske – A Marvellous Light

I’ve already spent an entire month doing a deep dive into why I love magical realism, so I suppose the odds were good that I was going to love this book. Even if an argument could be made that it’s more historical fantasy than magical realism. Either way, A Marvellous Light is the debut novel of Australian author Freya Marske, and I pretty much devoured it in two days. Magic systems in a historical time period? Check. Curses and magical conspiracies? Check. A socially aware queer romance? Check. As I said, I was always going to love this book. And I did. Very much.

Which is why I was somewhat dismayed to discover that the sequel will be focusing on an entirely different set of characters. A Marvellous Light made me fall in love with its two leads, Robin and Edwin, and I very much want to read more about their adventures in the magical Edwardian England that Freya Marske has created. It feels like a big ask to get invested in an entirely new set of characters at this point. That being said, given how much I loved this book, I have a feeling Marske will somehow pull it off. All I can say is that I can’t wait to read the sequel, one way or another.

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