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A photo of Elton John onstage during his Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour. He is facing the audience, holding out his arms to the side, wearing a bedazzled suit.

Daily Helping for July 25th, 2023 – Elton John

Yes, I’m cheating again. This is certainly not the first time I’ve heard of Elton John or listened to his work. But I recently attended his farewell tour in Paris, and I simply can’t not write about it. For one thing, I first bought my ticket four years ago. Yes, that’s right. Four years ago. Due to a series of COVID and injury reasons, I bought my ticket in 2019 and didn’t attend the show until 2023. Ridiculous. But it was also absolutely worth the wait, because Elton John just may well be one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen. Both him and his band completely rocked it for two and a half hours, and it was simply glorious.

There’s something special about knowing that I saw Elton John’s last ever concert in France. The fact that the show was so spectacular is just the cherry on top. As I said, it was so worth the wait.

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