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A photo from the Dior Fall 2023 Menswear Collection show at Paris Fashion Week.

Daily Helping for January 31st, 2023 – Dior Fall 2023 Menswear Collection

Okay, anyone who knows anything about me, or really anyone who has ever met me, knows that I know nothing about fashion. Literally nothing. If I could wear the same thing every single day, I would. And I often do. Which means I have never paid one iota of attention to Paris Fashion Week. Nor have I ever seen a fashion show. However, someone sent me the YouTube link to the recent Dior Fall 2023 Menswear Collection show with the note, “I think you’ll like this.” Intrigued, I clicked through. And immediately realized that my friends know me extremely well.

To be clear, I still know nothing about fashion, so I can’t tell you anything intelligent about the quality of the fashion on display. But what I do know is spectacle, and this show is a show. Live musicians onstage. A fully designed set. A filmed reading of a TS Eliot poem by Robert Pattinson and Gwendoline Christie. Everything about this is so over the top, dramatic, and practically screams spectacle, and I LOVE IT ALL.

Something tells me I’m going to be paying a lot more attention to Paris Fashion Week from here on out…

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