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Daily Helping for December 23rd, 2020 – Chloe Flower – Carol of the Bells

A photo of Chloe Flower at the top of a grand staircase from the video for Carol of the Bells.

I love “Carol of the Bells”. It’s one of my favourite Christmas songs, and I have a sneaking suspicion that this is entirely because of the roughly one million times I’ve seen Home Alone in my lifetime. Christmas is almost upon us, so I decided to see if I could find a new version of this song. Boy did I succeed in that respect. This rendition from pianist Chloe Flower was only released last month, so it’s brand new. It’s also the most delightfully bizarre thing I’ve ever seen.

As I said above, “Carol of the Bells” is a famous Christmas song. It was composed in 1919, and has its roots in Ukranian folk music. And absolutely none of that is on display in this video. Instead, we’re treated to a scene that looks straight out of The Great Gatsby. The costumes and sets are gorgeous, but there’s nary a wreath or mistletoe in sight. If it weren’t for the lyrics, there would be no indication that this was a Christmas song at all. And I love it. It’s just the right amount of surreal for the year we’ve had, and I ate it up.

Side note. The hat that Chloe Flower is wearing while playing the piano is one of the greatest things I’ve seen all year. That is all.

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