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A promotional photo of the cast of Blockbuster. They are all in their Blockbuster t-shirts, adopting various character poses, looking straight into the camera.

Daily Helping for December 5th, 2022 – Blockbuster

So today’s daily helping could not be more different from the last tv show I tried. Instead of a drama about a mafia boss looking for a BDSM relationship, Blockbuster is a workplace comedy about a quirky group of employees at the last Blockbuster store in the world. As I said. Could not be more different.

Personally, I loved this show. Blockbuster is funny and charming, and the cast is on point. Seriously. The trailer for this show had me at Randall Park and Melissa Fumero, but as it turns out, the whole cast is fantastic. And as I said. This show is really funny. But it’s the overall context of it all that really makes me laugh. Blockbuster is a show about a once-giant corporation that put all of the independent video rental shops out of business, that is hosted on Netflix, the current giant corporation that in turn put Blockbuster out of business. The irony of it all kills me.

Suggestions for artists I should check out? Please contact me with your ideas. I hope you enjoyed your daily helping of art!