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A promotional photo of the two lead actors of Big Dragon. They are both wearing fancy suits, standing back to back and looking off camera.

Daily Helping for December 15th, 2022 – Big Dragon

There is still a KinnPorsche-shaped hole in my life, and after trying to fill it with Unforgotten Night, someone recommended I check out Big Dragon. So I did. And I’m still trying to figure out just exactly what I watched, because this show confused and fascinated me in equal parts. Mostly because I don’t think I’ve ever seen a show before that goes through such a drastic transformation from the first episode to the last. It’s like the makers of Big Dragon started out making one show, and then halfway through changed their mind. But instead of going back and reshooting, they just did a 180 pivot halfway through. Which is how we started with a BSDM-inclined son of a business tycoon (possible mafia head) trying to drug and blackmail his romantic rival, and ended with a sappy university love story. Yes, really.

Honestly, it was fascinating from a writing point of view. But as a viewer, it was confusing as hell. It truly was like they forgot what show they were making halfway through and just went with it. So while I wouldn’t exactly say that this was my favourite show I’ve seen this year, it was definitely a wild ride.

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