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A close up photo of the cover of I'm Telling the Truth But I'm Lying by Bassey Ikpi.

Daily Helping for January 2nd, 2023 – Bassey Ikpi – I’m Telling the Truth But I’m Lying

I’m Telling the Truth But I’m Lying is a brilliantly titled collection of essays by Bassey Ikpi, which together form a deeply raw and personal memoir about mental health, intergenerational trauma, and the creation of art. So no, this is not an easy read. But it is a very important read. Especially when it comes to mental health. The number of people struggling with mental health continues to rise, as does the growing awareness of the importance of this issue. And yet there is still a stigma around it. A big one.

That is why I’m in awe of people like Bassey Ikpi. People who are willing to tell their stories so openly and viscerally. Books like these help those who have never had these experiences understand what it’s like and why it’s important. They foster empathy and compassion, from which change will hopefully follow. But I also can’t imagine that a book like this was easy to write. It takes a very specific kind of courage to be this vulnerable; courage I know I don’t possess. Thank goodness others do.

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