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Daily Helping for March 13th, 2021 – Abominable

An animated still from the movie Abominable showing lead character Yi and the titular Abominable creature.

I was raised on animated family films, usually of the Disney variety, and my appetite for feel good family fun has never gone away. Yes, a lot of them are formulaic, and yes, a lot of them are cheesy, but I don’t care. Sometimes you just want to watch a cute movie with a guaranteed a happy ending. Today happened to be one of those days, meaning today’s helping is the animated film Abominable.

This is a movie of the How to Train Your Dragon genre of films. A young protagonist meets a misunderstood creature, and they both protect each other from various nefarious forces. In the case of Abominable, the young protagonist is Yi, and the creature in question is a Yeti she discovers on the roof of her Shanghai apartment building. She promptly names him Everest, and along with her friends Peng and Jin, they try and return Everest home safely. Because of course evil rich people are after the Yeti, so of course many adventures and hijinks ensue. As I said, these films are often predictable, but predictable doesn’t have to mean bad.

In the case of Abominable, I thought it was thoroughly delightful. The characters are all fun, the animation is gorgeous, and there’s a surprising amount of emotional depth to the hijinks. There’s also magic, which is always fun. So yeah. That’s my Saturday afternoon matinee, and I loved it.

Suggestions for artists I should check out? Please contact me with your ideas. I hope you enjoyed your daily helping of art!